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Pin-Point Trading® Methodology


Contact TD at 210-464-7173 or email info@fortunetrader.net with any questions or for more information regarding our trading system. Register now by phone or by clicking on the "Free Trial" button above.


For S&P 500 & e-mini S&P day traders, we offer a daily prediction map with incredible accuracy (to the minute and the penny) of the next day's major hi's and low's of the index. It is unlike any other market prediction tool available. As a FortuneTrader.net client, you will be able to communicate on a daily basis, throughout the trading day, with our in-house traders, including our Master Trader & Founder, TD O'Connor, via email, phone or instant messenger. You will get free trading tips for entry & exit; and as to using the system profitably. Your daily prediction map will be either emailed or faxed to you every evening, so that you can look over it in preparation of the following business day. This service is offered to new customers as a one-time/one per customer 4-day free trial. We are confident that if you give us four days, you will stay with us for years.

We also offer immediate (daytrading), short-term (swing trading) and long-term custom analysis/prediction of almost any stock or commodity in which you are interested. Includes updates for 6 months (discussed below, but please call us for further details.)

We will soon be conducting free webinars so that potential clients can get a glimpse of our trading methodology; as well as a demonstration of how accurate our prediction map is compared to the actual daily chart it represents.

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Traditionally in the academic world, there is a common belief that markets move randomly and cannot be charted or predicted in advance.  This belief brings one to think that market analysis is a total waste and that nothing can be gained since markets move totally at random.  This notion renders “market predictions” to be useless and impossible. 

After years of charting and mapping markets, we have discovered that markets do have Natural Patterns.  This totally contradicts what has  been commonly assumed of markets in the past. 

"Markets’ movements repeat and have done so for centuries.  It is uncommon to believe in these natural movements and cycles, but to do so can command the things of the world!  There is a "Natural Law" to human nature; hunger, greed, panic, etc. are all natural and cause market movement. "

-TD O'Connor, Master Trader


When you join our family, our traders will be available to you on a daily basis as a resource to you, while they, themselves, are positioning in the market just as you are. We have no software instructions to follow, and no operators to answer phonecalls... As a customer, you will have access to the man, himself; as well as a handful of other active day traders who have committed themselves to his methods & tools. There are lots of other training programs and resources out there which may seem appealing, but the vast majority of trading products and services have been created and marketed for the sole purpose of making money for the company; the founders and spokepersons for these programs are not active day traders--they are salesmen. Of course every business exists to make money, but here at FortuneTrader.net, our traders utilize and live our methods everyday while independently trading. You can rest assured that this is not just another trading solutions package that has been marketed with disregard to its quality or reliability. While no one person, company, tool or piece of software can guarantee you absolute success, we believe in our methods and our "map" because they work, consistently. We know this because we use them ourselves.

Try us for 4 days. You will stay with us for years.

Below is the prediction chart for January 13, 2010. Please click on it to see it up close.